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Window with Lord Ganesh & Kalash

Window with Lord Ganesh & Kalash

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Exquisite Handcarved Wooden Window with Lord Ganesh & Kalash.

Nepal is known for being the home of Mt. Everest. Nepal which is a landlocked nation is also a haven for cultural treasures and artifacts. Among these cultural treasures are beautiful wood carvings that you can see nearly in every populated location in the country. They adorn entrances of temples, palaces, and even in very old public establishments that are centuries old. Even Nepalese homes, most of which are purely made of wood, have carvings on its facade and interiors. Woodwork in Nepal has been flourishing since the early years of the Licchavi period (300-879 AD).

The rich wood-carving heritage shows the qualities, skills and equisite workmanship of the Nepalese Artisans. The most distinct feature of Nepalese carvings is that they are typically based on Hindi gods or Buddhist Gurus or elements such as deities, animals, and other religious symbols.

Also, the carvings are always of a highly detailed and intricate kind, using floral and geometrical patterns. Even portions that are partly hidden contain exquisite detailing, showing the mastery and artistry of the Nepalese wood carver. Small ornaments, such as statues of deities, also are not spared from being covered with exquisite patterns.

There are many skilled Nepalese artisans who still use simple tools in creating these beautiful wooden crafts.

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