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Samantabhadra Buddha Thangka

Samantabhadra Buddha Thangka

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Beautiful Handpainted Thangka with Samantabhadra Buddha in Gold and Vegetable Color.

According to traditional Tibetan Buddhism Buddha Samantabhadra is the primordial Buddha and the central figure of the most important of all Tantras: the Guhyagarbha Tantra.

In this Thangka painting Samantabhadra is depicted embracing his consort Samantabhadri in Yab-Yum, the sacred union.
The color of his skin is blue and he sits naked in 'vajra' posture, with his two hands placed in his laps in the gesture of meditation.

Samantabhadra is the representation of the original nature of the mind and symbol of unity between awareness and compassion.

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