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Kuber Thangka

Kuber Thangka

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Hand-painted Thangka of Lord Kuber. A thangka is a classical and stylised form of Nepalese and Tibetan painting, consisting of a painted picture panel surrounded by a textile mantle that is supported by scroll sticks and overlain with a silk cover. The notorious Kuber is the keeper of the wealth. A blessing by Lord shiva that granted him the supremacy of being called as the “God of Wealth” in spite of intending to steal his temple. We all are aware of the fact that people worship Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi and it is deemed auspicious. A big misconception in Hindu mythology is that Lakshmi is the “Goddess of wealth”. “Kuber” on the other hand is actually the one who is the God of wealth while Lakshmi is the “Goddess of Fortune”. As fortune is usually associated with wealth, the misbelief has risen.Here is the intriguing tale of rags to riches(if we may say so) or thief to a demi-god.

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