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Carved Mandala Eye Window

Carved Mandala Eye Window

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Wooden Carved Mandala Eye window, made by one of the best wood artisan in Nepal, Roop Bahadur Tamrakar. Ankhi Jhyal (Eye Window) made up of two words, ‘Ankhi’ meaning eye and ‘Jhyal’ meaning window. These traditional windows have been present in the Nepalese architecture from the 15th century. These windows are present in home, temples & palaces of Nepal. The shapes and dimensions of the ‘Ankhi Jhyhal’ differs from circular to squared and rectangle frames. The Mandala is carved undenearth the Ankhi Jhyal. Mandala, in Hindu and Buddhist Tantrism is a symbolic diagram used in the performance of sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation. The mandala is a representation of the universe, a consecrated area that serves as a receptacle for the gods and as a collection point of universal forces.

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