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White Tara Thangka

White Tara Thangka

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Hand-painted Thangka of White Tara, painted by the Guru himself with 24 carat Gold.

A thangka is a classical and stylised form of Nepalese and Tibetan painting, consisting of a painted picture panel surrounded by a textile mantle that is supported by scroll sticks and overlain with a silk cover.

This thangka has multiple deities.This thangka has Shakyamuni Buddha and Medicine Buddha at the top corners.

The Thangka of the White Tara, also called "the Mother of all Buddhas" is the perfect embodiment of graceful power, wisdom, and purity. As with Tara expressions in the other five colors, the vibrations of white color expresses the specific energy of White Tara. Pure, truthful, powerful, transcending all limitations - these are just some of the attributes of color white that describe the energy of White Tara. Sometimes the White Tara is called "the Goddess of Seven Eyes" because, in addition to the third eye, she is also depicted with eyes in her hands and feet. This represents White Tara seeing all human suffering, as well as encourages the devotee to develop vigilance and sensitivity to the energy in and around them.

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